A basic guide on Buyer intent SEO Keywords and its types


7 Tips That Will Help You Optimize Your Keyword List for SEO

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You are in the middle of buying certain things for which you need to do some research about it in the first place, then what will you do? Immediately you type the same in the search engine to get the desired results. 

Once you get the result, how will you know whether the information that you expected is there or not? 

Have you ever thought about how the words we use in search engines are called as? They are called as SEO Keywords

If not, no problem, guys, let’s discuss it in brief in this blog.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization are the efforts taken by bloggers to get the highest ranking from Google by providing quality content in their web page and improving their visibility of the website. Basically, it is the digital marketing strategy tool used to increase organic traffic.

Parameters of a SEO:

  • Optimize the search for quantity and quality content. (keywords)
  • Expertise by providing good quality content
  • Authoritativeness
  • Trustworthy
  • Ranking factors based on:
  • On page SEO
  • Off page SEO
  • Domain

You can also read in detail about SEO in https://thethinkingcloud.in/2021/10/26/10-resources-to-learn-about-seo/

SEO Keywords

Keyword Research for SEO - The Ultimate Guide For Beginners (2021) Source:https://www.shoutmeloud.com/keyword-research.html

SEO Keywords are the words or phrases that people often use while searching for information in the search engine.

Keywords help the user to redefine their search and to understand the content better.

Most of the keywords are derived based on the keyword research process and are chosen based on combination of search volume, competition and commercial intent.

Three stages in Buyer’s journey

buyer funnel stagesSource:http://www.semrush.com

Types of buyer intent SEO Keywords

1. Keywords based on Length

  • Short tail Keywords

These are generic words/phrases like tea, shoes, shirts.

  • Mid tail Keywords

Mid Tail Keywords consist of two to four words/phrases. 

Example: Black shoes

  • Long tail keywords 

These usually consist of more than 3 words with specifics.

 Example: Best playschool for toddlers

2. Keywords based on Target

  • Branded Keywords

These contain words/phrases of a particular brand which is already popular among consumers. 

Example: Myntra

  • Geo-Targeting Keywords

It contains phrases used by the consumers to find a particular information in a specific geographical location.

Example: Best Italian Restaurants in Chennai

  • Customer Targeting Keywords

These are phrases/words used for focusing a specific set of consumers. It is widely searched based on the experiences of other similar consumers. 

Example: Candid Photography for functions.

  • Product Defining Keywords

These are the phrases/words, buyers would use when they are looking for specific products to buy.

Example: Red kurta for 5-year-old boy

  • Fresh Keywords

These contain words /phrases that are in current trend in social media. 

Example: Covid-19

  • Evergreen Keywords

It contains words/phrases that remain in the mind of consumers all time and are popular all time. 

Example: 5 Best books of all time

  •    Seasonal Keywords

These words/phrases start trending depending on the particular season.

Example: Where to buy the best raincoat for the rainy season?

4. Keywords based on Search Query

  • Informational Keywords

When users make use of phrases such as What is, List of, and What to know more about the product, topic, business, then it is classified as informational keywords. They tend to show up in content aiming to educate the users.

Example: What is the difference between sneakers and shoes?

  •   Commercial Keywords

These types of keywords usually have slight purchase intent but are usually more focused on research before making a purchase. The buyers do more research about the product for the best purchase before buying the same.

Example:  What are the best mobile brands in 2021?

  •   Transactional Keywords 

These are phrases/words potential customers use to find the services or product they are looking to buy. They usually are high frequent buyers.

Example: Buy, purchase, deal, discount, cheapest, for sale, where to buy, coupon. 


Keywords are important as it helps the business/content to connect with the buyers/users. It provides business-related information like products, services, benefits and promises to the consumers. One must be well aware and know about what exactly they want and based on that they can refine the search keywords. Without having the right keywords and content specifics about a given term, users won’t be able to find and utilize the information or take appropriate action. In that way it saves time of buyers and also by comparing helps them to plan their budget and get the best deal out of it.

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