Writing letters—A timeless gesture towards your loved ones

Hola cybersurfers! It’s a delightful surprise to find you really keen to know about the disappearing art of writing letters. But before we delve deeper, here’s a quick question that you need to first think about:

When was the last time that the house bell rang, and as you pounced and rushed to fetch the letter mailed (not e-mailed) by your favourite person, you read it all in one go while panting with myriad emotions brimming your heart? Well, 21st-century kids who only know about ‘newsletters’ might not have the slightest idea what is so endearing about the entire scenario.

In the instant world of today where we pine for face to face interactions, physical intimacy, or the warmth of the personal touch of our loved ones, we have instead been forced (partly by virtue of pandemic led circumstances and partly due to mind-hijacking algorithms) to stay squeezed to touching the glossy little rectangles of our smartphones. And, let’s also not shy away from agreeing to the fact that each one of us is guilty of relentlessly indulging in exceedingly pouring words over text messages while conversing across multiple messaging apps. 

With phone and video calls, emails, texts, and social media, we literally have so many quick communication options at our disposal to stay connected with each other especially during a time when everybody is mostly at home and isolated. Then the obvious question is why should one even bother to write letters if one can send an easy text?—Well, go on reading and we are sure by the end you would be convinced about the lovely influence of writing letters to your kins and peers:

Letters are exceptionally special especially if handwritten

As we already know how and why writing letters is becoming a disappearing art, it is, therefore, self-evident from where do letters derive such specialness — still wondering how?

Well, it’s simple! Since barely anyone writes them, letters hold extra special relevance especially in a generation where almost all communication is undertaken through digital mediums. Just like the cherry on the cake, handwritten letters add to physical happiness and bring in an irreplaceable sense of affection and devotion to the receiver.

A letter surpasses all tangible presents

Ever out of gift ideas? — Write a letter to your loved one instead. And of course, you can send little goodies along with the letter too to further delight the recipient.

Therefore, instead of buying your dearest ones expensive gifts, try writing them a well-thought-out letter. It’s indeed one of the most meaningful things you can give them. Just a few pen strokes and a piece of paper, and you’re creating a memory and attestation of love that will outlive all material presents.

Letters make for a great surprise

Since people don’t expect letters these days anymore, sending them a piece of your heart in the form of a penned letter can probably serve as a wonderful surprise and an act of pure love and appreciation of their presence in your life. 

Ask yourself – when was the last time you saw either your own or someone else’s handwriting? Handwritten letters evoke a different sentiment altogether – there’s vulnerability, sweet nostalgia, a golden reminder of the good old days with intimacy intact as you hold the paper that was once embraced by their hands.

Letters help hearten the bond till eternity

Every letter in the English alphabet is unity in itself. But when strung together, they give birth to words, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs that render the ‘letter’ a beating heart that continues to live, breathe and thrive even if the piece of paper becomes yellow and undergoes foxing.

Unlike a text or an email, a letter is something that can always be held onto and kept. Regardless of reading it for the 101th time, it would still give the same feeling when it was opened or read for the very first time. Letters embody memories in their own way. They are so much more than just mere words. 

With the end of the year nearing us soon and the past two years being a roller coaster ride, don’t wait for the ultimate red-letter day to send out a snail mail. There’s absolutely no ‘right’ occasion to send one. This doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships, but to kinships, friendships, and business partnerships as well. It’s a wonderful way to connect to people boosting connection and loyalty. The extra effort doesn’t get unnoticed ever.

In the fast-driven world, let’s for once use snail mail. Let’s not expend money on big-budget transient presents, rather expend love and care in the form of priceless words. To have content curated for personalized letters addressed to your loved ones, ping us today at The Thinking Cloud and use your pen to further give it a customized and personal touch through your handwriting.


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  1. This surely motivated me to write more letters T T

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