Top 7 Tips to Master Email Marketing

In the field of digital marketing, the race track has witnessed various marketing ‘players’ i.e., myriad channels or tactics entering in. Each one of them has instrumentally great potential to help you reach the finish line by winning your target audience’s heart and thereby giving a boost to your sales. Just like in every marathon, here too we get to witness a consistent stunning performance by a supposed ‘underdog’ known as ‘email marketing’. It is an invincible dark horse one can’t afford to not bet on or do away with in the e-world.

Email marketing is one of the most important parts of any business. It has been found that there are 4.3 billion email users worldwide. The figure is believed to grow to 4.6 billion by 2025. With more than half of the planet using email, your business certainly cannot sustain itself without putting an email marketing strategy into place.

Opting for email marketing may seem like getting your own self pushed into an ocean of hot water as getting a potential customer to click on your email is literally a challenge considering the average person gets more than a hundred emails every day, nearly half of which actually qualify as spam. The best way to break through the clutter is by curating great emails that resonate with your audience and following a few golden tips and tactics that work like a charm:

Identify and write for your audience by building up a list

When building your email list, there’s really only one rule to follow: Never buy or rent a list. Buying or renting them may lead to low open rates, bad brand image, and even hefty fines for eliciting databases in an unauthorized manner.

So, make sure to build up a quality email list through authentic means. Maybe you can offer a free trial of your service, an online seminar, or other valuable experience convincing the users to part with their personal email id or information. Other ways include interrupting a visitor spending more time than usual on your site with a pop-up to collect their email id or making them subscribe to your periodical free services. Thus, there are tons of ways in which you can build your email lists in the most organic ways.

Maintain that list

Creating an email list is not a one-time ‘done and dusted’ errand. The golden rule to maintain your list is to scrub it every 6-12 months. This essentially means periodically reviewing your email list to remove email ids that bounce or addresses that never open your emails. This is because the more the emails that you send never get opened, the more likely the email services will eventually categorize your emails as spam. Thus, scrubbing them wouldn’t let your engagement ratio fall, and emails won’t be thrown into spam folders or displayed under the Promotions category.

If you scrub your list i.e., only send emails to people who open it, your deliverability rates go up and you get into their inbox. Thus, it leads to opening rates going up, clicks going up, and hence, your sales witnessing a fresh boom.

Practice segmentation 

Segmentation means dividing your email list into smaller groups so that you can send each segment content specific to their interests. You can segment your list on the basis of demographic data like preferences, location, company size, or anything else that’s important for your business. But what’s usually given attention to is behavioural segmentation which is grouping based on how the user previously interacted with your brand such as previous purchases, etc. This way you appear to be responsive to your user’s needs.

It’s the best practice for getting your audience the valuable content they would want to open because who doesn’t like reading stuff tailored to their interests!

Curate text-based emails and refrain from using spam triggering words

Most e-commerce companies love using image-based emails, but do you know emails inhabiting pictures within themselves are usually pushed to the Promotions tab? All email service providers, Gmail, Outlook, and the like perceive that when someone sends you an email with a ton of images, it’s usually a promotion. However, when someone sends you a text-based email, it’s typically ought to be from a friend. Hence, you would want to use text-based only emails.

Similarly, using spam triggering words bypasses the primary inbox section of your customer’s email account. To check out the words that shouldn’t by any means be in your ’email dictionary’, visit this super useful list curated by Hubspot.

Keep your emails short, to the point and friendly

You must keep the body of your text crisp and simple with the main point upfront. Use short sentences with lots of paragraph breaks. Make sure to save those profusely verbose pieces for your blog besides writing in a friendly one-to-one style. This isn’t just a good way to treat your customers, it also helps prevent your email from getting tagged as spam. Use more of “you” than “we” or “us” and extend customized greetings by including the customer’s name. The only actual way to stand out is by offering something your subscribers would want to click on or somehow improve their lives.

Using past behaviour to offer useful discounts, new recommendations, or sending regular emails to notify them about anything new that you’ve in store for them can plausibly make your customers feel valuable and happy upon receiving a worthwhile piece of message.

Include an interest piquing subject line

According to a study by Campaign Monitor, the average office worker receives around one-twenty emails per day. That is actually a lot though. Out of those one-twenty, forty are important business emails that require a response. That leaves eighty emails contending for one’s attention. The only way to stand out is by having a super clickbait title for the subject line.

Try doing it in fifty characters or less to pique the customer’s interest while making sure to not give away everything upfront. This way they should feel compelled to open the email. Make sure whatever you tease in the subject line is also delivered in the body of the email. No one really likes misleading subject lines.

Send time-based emails

Just as important as your content is, the time when you hit the send button matters equally as well. So, if you wish to perfect your email timing, you will have to peep into your own data stores, and start alloting timeframes by dividing your audience into certain segments according to factors like when do they visit your site the most, etc. That’s when you should be sending them an email. Try to stick within that time frame, usually within an hour, versus sending it according to your convenience.

Well, emails continue to be an excellent medium for content marketing. While people receive dozens of emails every day, make sure to give them a reason as to why should they open yours. To make your customers feel itchy to read what you intend to send them, reach out to us at The Thinking Cloud, your ultimate thinking partner, today.

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