Writing: An escape from the human forest

For most of us, hobbies have been a process of release, relief and ranting (in some way or another). Most of what we know today has been written somewhere and that amongst many other proofs tells us that writing is a significant part of Mankind’s history. So many diverse moments the average man goes through everyday, so many different feelings come and go but do they all do justice to anything you’re going through? Not for everybody. Life’s unfair and so we shall try to cry about it through our pens.

Why do we write?

Every word ever written was not to be read. It is almost miraculous that a girl’s diary could someday teach us a whole side of the war victims. Intent of writing is to rant, to express our own minds by clubbing it with the capacity of our feelings. One writes to feel heard but not actually heard by people, just heard for the feeling of expressing. It feels good to express, even though if that’s on a piece of paper for nobody to read. We write to feel the feelings in depth with solitude and wander in the occurrences of our daily life moments.

If we remove the marketing and business side of writing from the topic, all of writing is just a conversation between the man and the imaginary listener. We’re all talking to ourselves while writing as if there’s more than just yourself inside your head, somebody else to witness this conversation, as if somebody is listening to us write. Some people write to feel something again, as if to resurrect the moment that isn’t anymore. Maybe that’s why writing’s an art.


Ever wonder why did all the wise teachers and parents tell us to write a “Daily Diary” everyday? Why did legendary poets write a sad melody for us to dance on it all eternity? Because writing is an escape, a release of emotions and bottled up “what ifs”. Maybe you lost the argument on spot but won it later because now you’ve got the answer for it. Maybe you came across somebody that changed your perception of dealing with things, who cares? Writing about anything makes the moment eternal without a doubt. Read it to feel it, live it again a little, but write it down to later listen to yourself.


If things never end well, they’re bound to haunt you for the rest of your life. Closure, an important part of every process is not destined for everybody. This causes a lot of stress, anxiety and even depression in some cases. Write it out to let it go, write it out to add your side, write it out to close it off. A day of hard scenarios can always turn into a long story to tell everybody someday. For relief, people listen to music, dance, draw, work out and do many other things that keep them sane for the next day. Maybe try writing for a change?


Journaling is a habit that can change your life. Writing your heart out keeps you fulfilled and lets you come across your own thoughts. We’re all busy with millions of things on our heads but calm down a little, remember to feel some of it and not just be a machine. Cry with words to laugh genuinely tomorrow because now you know you’ve dried your eyes out. Now you know you’ve been heard, atleast by yourself. A way of expressing any discomfort, fear, happiness or anything that has no word for it could be in writing.


Humanity needs writing, always has. A poet would truly die if it weren’t for writing instead, his/her poem lets them live for eternity. Writing is art and art is immortal. Escape from the world of human problems is writing them out, escape from stubborn opinions of the society is writing it out. Learn to express by attempting to write your expressions. Try writing for a hobby, who knows it’ll be more than you’ve thought of it. Sometimes you punch the keyboard and a word may be typed by mistake, maybe punch in this area more for it all to make sense someday.

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14 thoughts on “Writing: An escape from the human forest

  1. This was so relatable ssdjjjjgsdgjj >.<
    Good work!


  2. Beautiful ly written Maharishi


  3. I never realised the importance of writing until I read your post …Great thoughts

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  4. Great writing bro.!

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  5. This piece or should I say masterpiece, speaks volumes of the divinity and vastness of your vehement thoughts. Your words aren’t accidents; they’re alive, they breathe the very fire into my being.
    A very eloquent and philosophical take on writing! Can’t say that I’m surprised, my dear brother.

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    1. Thank you so much Mon frere. Love you for the support! Will try to keep developing and delivering more.


  6. This article somehow made my mind on to starting to express myself by of writing! Great job!

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  7. Nice thoughts, framed in an elegant way…keep sharping your thoughts and your writing…

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