7 Reasons Why Storytelling is Important

There’s no denying that while progressing towards Screen Age from the Stone Age, our attention span has quite evidently submitted to a drastic cutback. Today more than any other medium of exchange, attention is the new currency that is ruling the virtual world. Cybersurfers are constantly haunted by seemingly ‘deadly’ fears such as encountering buffering circles, witnessing various social media handles taking downtime, low battery signals of their overly used devices, and many more spine-chilling tech-related fears. However, regardless of what the future has in store for the homo-sapiens species in the arena of technology, there is one form of communication that shall continue to be a timeless masterpiece, which is the ‘storytelling’, but what is a story?—A story is essentially a truth well told. 

At a time when there are millions of goods and services being sold offline and online, it is extremely pivotal to strike the right chord with one’s audience and set oneself apart from the crowd. Stories have a mystifying power that keeps one hooked and keenly entices one to lend their eyes and ears to all kinds of chronicles, anecdotes, tales, etc. 

Before proceeding further, let’s bear in mind the fact that storytelling can absolutely take any of the four forms: oral, visual, written, and digital. So, to understand why one’s marketing strategy should have an underlying story, let us delve into the nuances linked with stories and their telling.

Stories grab attention 

Stories are just like our lives. They remain unfinished until they unfold for the last time and thus, keep us on our toes with eyes and ears wide open. While impelling us to await the next twist and turn, stories subtly take us towards the ultimate resolution.

Storytelling helps beautifully convey the purpose/vision and beliefs of a business, and businesses with purpose are said to be noticed soon and win the loyalty of consumers even sooner. Therefore, it’s not enough to have a product or service that solves a problem but also that your company stands out by attracting attention in the most organic ways.

Stories help evoke emotions for they speak volumes

Stories are always said to have deeply moved listeners and readers in their chairs. As they say ‘People may forget what you say, but they shall never forget what they felt.’, quite similar is the case with stories that underline a company’s marketing and advertising strategies. You are sure to make a place in the hearts of viewers and listeners if you touch them on the right spot. It can lead the audience towards experiencing delight, surprise, empathy, or even a moment of epiphany too.

Emotions are indelibly fibers of the thread that make a story. As they are spun, they connect everyone sans any discrimination and thereby, bring the audience to a common ground and hence, to our next pointer.

Stories help bring people to a common ground

Relatable storytelling allows your audience to nod in agreement with what’s conveyed. Stories also allow you to use contrast subtly and show the world how their lives are incomplete without your product/service, making them understand why they are worth buying/investing in.

This is all because stories are highly structured forms of communication. They truly help enhance the audience’s understanding and carry latent universal elements that reverberate inside their hearts and minds’ deepest emotional corners.

Stories are memorable and persuade action

When stories are curated in a manner that the viewers resonate with what’s shown, the audience instantly connects with it, trusts the values upheld, and consequently, begins to trust the brand as well. Creating such intrinsically relatable stories has the added benefit of being easier to fathom and unforgettable. The audience sees a part of themselves in the main characters as the narrative unfolds in layers.

Since deep and thoughtful stories arouse emotions, they become memorable. They stir a sense of larger purpose and meaning into the minds of viewers, thereby driving action.

Interesting stories lead to long-term ‘interest’

We all have heard and known innumerable stories and it shouldn’t be surprising to note that all engaging stories are said to have 4 I’s in common such that great stories,

Create our Interest

Instruct us

Involve us 

Inspire us

Storytelling is, in fact, a strong business skill, and when implemented effectively, it can help your business in a number of ways such as earning customers’ trust, giving a boost to marketing, increasing profit, and so on. 

Stories engage beyond facts 

With so much noise across all marketing mediums and advertising channels, consumers are exposed to myriad bodies of data that it’s easy for a business to be lost in the vast ocean of tidings.

Since stories provide meaning in a personally relevant context while evoking a sense of purpose, they are all the more receptive. This is why in the tussle between giving out statistics and portraying a story, the latter wins as they help viewers relate, empathize, and remember as against mere data. 

Stories help people make decisions

It is an age-old truth that stories help people reach some concrete conclusion, inspiring them to make certain choices. While pondering over buying a product or availing a service too, customers go through various reviews and feedback online because these are more than just facts and features for they entail the buyers’ personal experiences.

That’s why, while looking for reasons to get involved with a business i.e., becoming a loyal customer or a stakeholder, it is stories that answer all of the apprehensions and questions of the prospective target audience.

Today, companies and brands all over are increasingly putting into use the rewarding art of storytelling. Humans are known for having their emotions or the right side of their brains pre-dominant while making decisions. Thus, it’s time that you too translate your vision into an enthralling story and clearly communicate about your company’s values and principles by sincerely embedding the powerful tool of storytelling in your marketing strategy. Thus, to help you with corporate storytelling, we at The Thinking Cloud have an exclusive team working towards building fresh and captivating narratives to link a bridge from the company’s heart to its customers. From scriptwriting to content marketing, we can help you deepen your relationship with everybody who matters the most to your business.


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